Personal Accident Insurance

Who Should Be Covered

Personal Accident Insurance provides relatively inexpensive cover payable if you sustain any injury or death as a direct result of an accident

Death, Disablement or Medical Expenses as a direct resdult of exposure of an injured person to extreme or violent natural climatic conditions (tsunami, volcanic eruption, cyclone, etc) shall be deemed to have been caused by accidental bodily injury

 Death  100%
 Loss of any hand & foot, arm & leg or any combination thereof  100%
 Permanent Total Disablement  100%
 Permanent Total Organ Paralysis  100%
 Total loss of sight in one eye  100%
 Total loss of hearing in both ears    80%
 Total loss of hearing in one ear    20%
 Loss of thumb    25%
 Loss of index finger    15%
 Loss of any other finger     8%

    Exclusions: If you have taken intoxicating liquor or drugs (other than prescription). Or engaged in any of the following sports:



Temporary Total Disablement means total disablement from performing any and every kind of duty relating to your occupation

Temporary Partial Disablement means disablement from performing a substantial part of the normal duties of your occupation
Man falling
Medical Expenses means the cost of medical, surgical or other remedial treatment or appliances prescribed by a qualified Medical Practitioner

Terrorism, Kidnapping, Assassination, Hijacking and Sabotage of any form of transport is normally excluded.

However dMAC has successfully negotiated to have these exclusions dropped, if requested

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