SME Group Health Insurance   Rp
Minimum  10  Employees

What is Covered

"Cash Free" group policy with Inpatient facility within Indonesia.

Also Outpatient and Specialist using "Cash Free" card.

Pre-existing conditions waived for a group with minimum 20 adult members.

Types of Cover

Hospitalisation & Surgical (In-patient) Hospital accommodation, nursing care, drugs and dressings, surgeons' anaesthetists and physcians' fees, theatre charges, intensive care, diagnostic tests, private nursing, ambulance

FULL REFUND up to Internal & Overall Limits

Outpatient Cover family doctor or GP, Specialist fees, pathology, X-rays, diagnostic tests, therapists and prescribed medicines

 "Cash Free" using 1173 Provider Clinics throughout Indonesia, up to Internal Limits

  100% Reimbursement   up to Internal Limits for Non-providers

How Does the Card Work ?

     • Member presents card to Registration at clinic/hospital
     • Card swiped on EDC Terminal machine
     • Receipt of Registration printed out
     • Member see the doctor
     • After seeing doctor - go to cashier
     • Card swiped again. Print out of bill details
     • Member signs the receipt
     • Member goes home

dMAC International Affinity Health

Cash Free on-line system

No more claims - using the extensive Admedika Provider Network:    745 Inpatient + 1173 Outpatient Providers throughout Indonesia

       Your administration burden almost   eliminated  New York skyscraper 1932
                      • Minimum 10 Employees

Telephone Hotline
Telephone Hotline supported 24-hours - 7 days a week.
Phone in advance to arrange admission.
You can seek treatment at Non-provider hospitals and clinics.
   However in this case you will have to pay first and lodge a claim.

* Claims for Non-provider hospitals reimbursed 100%
* Claims for Non-provider clinics reimbursed 100%

 dMAC designed insurance
dMAC Designs insurance products to suit your needs

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