Critical Illness Insurance

What is Critical Illness insurance ?

A lump sum payment to you if you are diagnosed with one of 36 illnesses listed below.

This substantial amount of money will help pay some of your medical costs, or pay for a vacation to recuperate, or settle other unexpected expenses

How much money ?

Rp 50.000.000 or US$ 10,000 per unit at the time you are diagnosed. Units can be upgraded to a maximum of five units - Rp 250.000.000 or US$ 50,000

Payment is made at the time of diagnoses, except for Coronary Artery Disease and Major Organ Transplant, where payment will be made after undergowing actual surgery

36 Critical Illnesses

 1  Cancer / Kanker
 2  Myocardial Inarction (Heart Attack) / Ifark Miokarial
 3  Coronary Artery Disease requiring surgery / Penyakit Jantung Koroner yang memerlukan operasi
 4  Cerebrovascular Attack (Stroke) / Serangan Serebrovaskuler
 5  Major Organ Failure requiring transplant / Kegagalan Organ Tubuh penting yang memerlukan transplantasi
 6  Kidney Failure / Gagal Ginjal
 7  Paralysis / Kelumpuhan
 8  Muscular Dystrophy
 9  Multiple Sclerosis
 10  Blindness in Both Eyes / Kehilangan Pengihatan Total kedua mata
 11  Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease / Penyakit jantung berbahaya lainnya
 12  Surgery to Aorta / Operasi Pembuluh Aorta
 13  Heart Valve Replacement /Operasi Penggantian Katup Jantung
 14  Alzheimers's Disease/Irreversable Organic Degenerative Brain Disease / Penyakit Alzheimer/Gangguan Otak Organik Degeneratif yang tidak disembuhkan
 15  Fulminant Viral Hepatitis
 16  Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
 17  Coma / Koma
 18  Loss of Hearing / Kehilangan Pendengaran
 19  Loss of Speech / Kehilangan Kemampuan Berbicara
 20  Major Burns / Luka Bakar Besar
 21  Terminal Illness
 22  End Stage Lung Disease / Penyakit Paru-paru tahap akhir
 23  Cronic Liver Disease / Penyak Hati Kronis
 24  Motor Neurone Disease / Penyakit Motor Neuron
 25  Parkinson's Disease / Parkinson
 26  Aplastic Anaemia / Anemia Aplastik
 27  Angioplasty / Angioplasti
 28  Coronary Laser Treatment / Perawatan Laser Koroner
 29  Coronary Atherectomy / Atherectomy Koroner
 30  Encephalitis
 31  Benign Brain Tumor / Tumor Otak Jinak
 32  Major Head Trauma / Gregar Otak Serius
 33  Bacterial Meningitis / Bakteri Meningitis
 34  Poliomyelitis / Polio
 35  Apallic Syndrome / Sindrom Apalik
 36  Loss of Independent Existence/Kehilangan Kemampuan Mandiri

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SME Group Health Rp

The First Critical Illness product

Critical illness insurance was founded by Dr Marius Barnard in 1983 in Southa Africa. It was called dread disease insurance

Since 1983 the cover has been accepted into many insurance mans headmarkets around the world. Critical illness insurance is now available in Indonesia. This product is not linked to any whole of life policy.

Need for Critical Illness cover

Critical illness cover was originally sold with the intention of providing financial protection to individuals following the diagnosis or treatment of an illness deemed critical

The finances received could be used to:

     • pay for the costs of the care and treatment

     • pay for recuperation aids

     • to pay off debts

     • replace any lost income due to a decreasing ability to earn

     • fund a holiday, or change in lifestyle

Automatic Increase in Sum Insured

Renewal Bonus of 5% increase on the origional Sum Insured will be added each year for 5 consecetive renewal years,chest up to maximum amount of 25% at no additional cost to you

24 Hour Worldwide Protection

You will be covered 24 hours / day everywhere, anywhere, worldwide

Main Exclusions

Directly or indirectly related to AIDS: Pre-existing medical conditions, as well as medical conditions diagnosed by a legally registered medical practitioner, in the first 90 days (180 days for female cancer) from the date the policy takes effect; Self-inflicted injury; Any congenital disease; Pregnancy; Drug intoxication and other illnesses not listed in the insurance policy.

Excluded Occupations

Asbestos workers, drivers, fishermen, miners, tunnellers, workers handling explosives, weapons production workers, offshore workers, timber camp loggers

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