Contrator's   All   Risks   Insurance     (CAR)

Types of construction risk insurance

  (1) Damage to property, i.e. building & other structures being constructed
  (2) Contractor's plant & machinery on site
  (3) Liability for third party claimns for injury & death or damage to third party property, arising out of the contractor's negligence

Modern forms of Contractor's All Risks policies cover all three
Construction site

The policy can be extended to cover the following risks:

  ◊   Riot, Strike & Civil Commotion (RSCC)
  ◊  Extended Maintenance Cover
  ◊  Expediting Expenses - extra cost incurred for express delivery airfreight, overtime & holiday rates in connection with repairs or replacements
  ◊  Structures in Earthquake Zones
  ◊  Underground Cables & Pipes
  ◊  Loss or Damage to Crops, Forests & Cultures
  ◊  Warranty Concerning Construction Material
  ◊  Safety Measures re Precipitation, Flood & Inundation
  ◊  Removal of Debris from Landslide
  ◊  Designer's Risk
  ◊  Vibration, Removal of Weakening Support

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Surety Bond Insurance

Critical Illness
Building site

The basic principle is that Contractor's All Risks Insurance covers all losses not listed as an "excluded peril"

The benefit to the Insured under this type of policy is the risk is shifted to the Insurer, who to resist the claim, is required to show that the cause of loss falls within an exclusion.

Construction worker
Exclusions include:
  •   Offshore Works Exclusion
  •   War, Invasion, Act of a Foreign Enemy
  •   Terrorism
  •   Absolute Asbestos Clause
  •   Loss Resulting from Damage, Loss or Alteration of Electronic Data from any cause whatsoever
      Note: refer to your policy wording for full results

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