Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Who is at Risk?

Directors and Officers who run companies - both public and private - can be held 'personally responsible' for their management decisions.

The role of Directors, Commissioners and Officers is becomming more onerous. You can be held personally liable, not only for your acts and omissions, but also for the acts and omissions of others.

In Indonesia, laws assigning personal responsiblity to individuals who manage companies are very severe.

Directors and Officers can now be sued by:
      • Shareholders
      • Employees
      • Creditors
      • Customers
      • Compepetitors
      • Liquidators / Receivers
      • Regualtory Authorities
      • Members of the public

Individuals and companies are increasingly turning to litigation to recover loss.

Companies are also comming under increasing scrutinuy from Government and industry regulatory bodies.









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The Protection

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance ( D&O ) is designed to protect individuals against legal liablity which they may incur while carrying out their duties as a company Director, Commissioner or Officer (someone who can contract on behalf of the company)

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D&O provides cover for initial legal defense, settlements, compensation and/or damages awarded against you

The cost of legal representation during such investigations as listed below, can be significant, regardless of whether court action follows.

     • Civil Proceedings
     • Employee Actions
     • Official Investigations & Inquiries
     • Outside Directorships
     • Prospectus Liability
     • Successful Defence of Criminal Proceedings

This cover provides protection of your personal assets, including your home.

dMAC can advise on the best D&O products available, and how to prepare your application to minimise premiums

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