CIGNA   Global   Health   Indonesia ~ US$
Insurance plans

   ◊   Worldwide Cover Including USA or Excluding USA

Helecopter evacuation

   ◊   Emergency

            with International SOS

   ◊   Inpatient and DayCare treatment

   ◊   Outpatient treatment

Three plans available
Three Plans to suit your needs and budget
Platinum,   Gold,    and    Silver


   ◊   Maternity Benefits - 12 months waiting period Baby

   ◊   Normal Pregnancy and

   ◊   Complications of Pregnancy during the Anti-natal period and Childbirth

   ◊   Birth Defects and Congenital Abnormalities including birth trauma, provided that such became apparant in the first 6 months from birth

   ◊   Annual Medical Check-up Platinum $600;    Gold $450;    Silver $225

   ◊   Optical Cover Prescription glasses Smile and contact lens provided by an optometrist

   ◊   Major Dental Cover

     Lifetime Cover
     Grandparent children
        Minimum joining age for policy holder is 21 years

About dMAC

    COVID-19 Testing and Treatment
Coverage extended until 31st January 2021. Cigna will cover medically necessary testing for COVID-19 and related doctor visits on an Outpatient basis.

   ◊   Available to Local Nationals
and   Expatriates Doctor x ray

   ◊   Lifetime Cover

   ◊   Full underwriting conditions

   ◊   Organ Transplants - Heart, Kidney, Liver or Heart & Lung (Human organs only)

   ◊   Physiotherapy treatment - Sad girl Osteopathy & chiropractic treatment; Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and Chinese Medicine; Restorative speech therapy

   ◊   Psychiatric Treatment

   ◊   Repatriation of Mortal Remains   - paid in full

     Chronic Medical Conditions

     Terminal Illness     Palliative Treatment and Hospice care on diagnosis of a Terminal condition

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